As one of the conservation team – zoologist, philanthropist, TV wildlife host, lobbyist, or environmental lawyer – you’ll plan a course of action to protect an endangered species. Build animal populations, minimize ecological threats and build influence among legistative ambassadors, according to your team’s unique abilities and problem solving.

How quickly can your team intervene to save the lives of a wildlife species?

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The march of humankind’s progress threatens the survival of many species. It’s up to you and your team to save them!

Work with your fellow conservationists to save tigers and sea otters from extinction. Influence the UN to save the animals and stop environmental destruction. If four UN ambassadors vote yes on the resolution then the players win. But until the vote takes place, players need to keep the destruction at bay, and keep the animals alive!

Each turn players will roll the dice they can allocate to action cards. After actions are taken, mating pairs will have a chance to procreate, and destruction tiles will enter the board, possibly killing already scarce animals.

Play as the Zoologist, Philanthropist, TV Wildlife Host, Lobbyist, or Environmental Lawyer, each with a special ability.

Time is short. Can the animals be saved while also influencing the Ambassadors’ votes? Or will threatened animals be lost forever?





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