Candela Obscura: Core Rulebook


Enter the shadow-laden world of Candela Obscura: Core Rulebook, a journey through the heart of investigative horror and paranormal mystery.

This 204-page guide is your portal to the enigmatic society of Candela Obscura, where you’ll protect the people of Newfaire from occult dangers.

Experience a turn-of-the-century-inspired setting, complete with detailed maps and immersive in-world ephemera.

As the first game to use the Illuminated Worlds System, and a hallmark of Darrington Press, this rulebook offers over 30 assignments, core rules for creating characters, and extensive guides for gamemasters.

Are you prepared to confront the supernatural and unravel the secrets of the Fairelands?

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Candela Obscura: Core Rulebook

Embark on a Mysterious Journey with Candela Obscura: Core Rulebook

Are you ready to delve into the shadows of the unknown? Candela Obscura: Core Rulebook is not just a game; it’s an invitation to a world brimming with arcane secrets and occult magick. This isn’t your average tabletop roleplaying game. It’s an experience, an adventure, a mystery waiting to be unraveled. Are you brave enough to accept the call?

The Heart of Adventure: The Core Rulebook

Candela Obscura stands as a beacon in the realm of investigative horror games. This comprehensive guide, spanning 204 detail-rich pages, is your key to unlocking the mysteries of the Fairelands. The satin ribbon bookmark? A mere symbol of the elegance and depth you’ll find within. But what lies beneath the surface of these pages?

Unveil the Secrets of Newfaire

Imagine stepping into the bustling world of Newfaire, where the ordinary meets the extraordinary. As an investigator of the enigmatic Candela Obscura, your mission is clear: explore, fight, protect. But the question remains: Are you prepared to face what lurks in the shadows of this turn-of-the-century-inspired setting?

A World Alive with Possibility

Not just a guide, the Candela Obscura Core Rulebook is a treasure trove of storytelling. With over 30 example assignments, it beckons you to explore every corner of the Fairelands. Each page is a brushstroke in a larger painting, a glimpse into a world rich with lore and intrigue. Are you ready to lose yourself in its depths?

Master the Game

Darrington Press’s masterpiece, is the first RPG to employ the groundbreaking Illuminated Worlds System. Whether you’re a seasoned gamemaster or a curious newcomer, this book offers everything you need to craft your tale. But the real question is: Can you master the art of the game?

Join the Anthology of Heroes

Candela Obscura is more than a game; it’s a legacy, featured in Critical Role’s ongoing anthology series. This book is your chance to become part of that legacy. Are you ready to leave your mark in the world of Candela Obscura?

The call of adventure is beckoning. Will you answer it? Ready your dice and accessories, and prepare for an experience that will redefine your understanding of roleplaying games. Welcome to Candela Obscura. The game begins now.






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